Time Kit E


Time Kit is ultimate time calculation tool.

Time Kit is the greatest time calculation tool.
The tool makes calculating easy the most of ways related to time combining time, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
It enables you the various uses of calculating time differences, total time, salary and such.

The application is available for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (compatible).


Time Kit is made extremely flexible.
Each Time / Number shows by lists in order to calculate. Once you tap the space in the lists, calculation formula immediately appears and to edit tap the formula already typed in.
The minus button removes the unneeded calculation formula easily, with iOS 4 or later it works to change the orders as well.
The result of a calculation enables to show flexibly, copy and paste into the formula.

General disclaimer
– I do not guarantee the damages of any kind by using the application.
– Please note that there is a possibility of error in calculation.

Please contact <hidenoridev@therootage.com> if you have any questions, comments or requests you many have.

Time Kit Help

Main Screen

It shows time, calculation formula of number and the results.


Tap the space in the lists, the screen appears with calculation formula.
You can edit the formula by tapping Time / Number already typed in.
At the bottom of calculation result, tap to change the result display.
When you tap minus button at the left side of lists immediately deletes the formula.
“New” button deletes all formulas to make new one.
“Edit” is also for sorting formulas (iOS 4 or later).
“?” button opens a support page in Safari.
Calculation formulas are scrollable and limit up to 100 formulas.
Scrolling lists limit up to 100 as well.

Please note the tool is calculated in order from the top. If you change sort order it may change the result.

Detail Screen

It is for typing calculation formula.
The 1 of Number is the same as 1 second of Time. According to it 1 minute is 60 of Number, 1 hour is 3600 of Number.


Tap the each button to select time, minute, second.
The value typed in Number pad area which is shown below appears in the fields automatically.
Left side of Number pad there’re the keys from the top Delete, Clear, All Clear and Minus.

Delete : Delete a letter to the left.
Clear : Delete the value typed in the field.
All Clear : Delete all the value typed in the field.
Minus : Every time you tap it switches to active or not.

To go back to the main screen, tap Calculator at the top.
Clipboard is to copy the value currently typed, or to paste previous copy.

Result Screen

It sets up to change the view of calculation result.


In Decimal Point area, set the number of decimal places to display.
Tap Clipboard to copy calculation result as text or value.
If you copy as text, it enables to paste the result to other applications.
If you copy as value, the value is reuseable pasting from Detail Screen to calculation formula.

Time Kit Tutorial


This screen is an example calculated salary of the day according to hourly wage.
This give the purpose following below.

1) Began to work at 8:46.
2) Finished at 19:00.
3) The calculation result shows as minus and is replaced to make plus multiplying minus one.
4) To figure the actual work hours, break time of 45 minutes are not included by subtracting.
5) Multiplied hourly wage 850 yen.
6) Number 1 is accorded with 1 second therefore multiplied 3600 of the calculation result and applied 5).

The Result display is set at the second decimal place.
You can find the salary of a day is 8075 yen.

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