How to change the display language of Kappa Theater

Kappa Theater includes English text by professional translator in addition to original Japanese text.

If you are non native English speaker, you might want to display Kappa Theater in English.
Of course you can change the system language in “Settings” app.

In iOS 8 There are even more better way.
You can edit “Preferred Language Order” in “Settings” app.


Tap “Settings” app.


Select “General”.


Scroll down and Select “Language & Region”


Until iOS 7 in this scene, you had to change the order by changing System Language.


System language is not changing In iOS 8 , you can change the order of the language by “Preferred Language Order”.

In this example, System language is still French, will be displayed in French, English, in the order of the Japanese.

Since Kappa Theater can be displayed in English, in this case the system language remains French, Kappa Theater will be displayed in English.

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