Chord NOTE Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Chord NOTE

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Chord NOTE doesn’t have specific functions to collect any customer’s data.
So in the function to record customer’s singing melody, the microphone is ON only when you tap the record button. And recorded data is stored on your device. Chord NOTE doesn’t have any functions to send its data.

Only the minimum information provided by customer’s iOS device will be provided by Apple. They include downloading, using, region, crash report, etc. They can be safely transmitted and managed without identifying individuals. In addition, customer can stop providing information on Privacy section of Settings app.

The basic data provided by iOS will only be used to improve Chord NOTE.

Privacy Questions

If customer has any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or data processing, customer would like to contact by email to me (Developer : Hidenori Matsuoka).

Moreover, customer can read Apple’s privacy policy in this page.

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